Women in SIGMM - Lunch invitation

Multimedia Women and Interdisciplinary Research

Lunch Invitation

National and international societal problems in health care, environment, cities, energy, food and water provisioning, transportation and manufacturing are becoming more and more interdisciplinary. Multimedia researchers and especially women have an important role to play in providing solutions to these problems. During this lunch, we will discuss the challenges of interdisciplinary research. Is it worthwhile to do an interdisciplinary research? Does interdisciplinary research enrich your disciplinary research? When should a young researcher get engaged in interdisciplinary research? Is there a specific role of multimedia women in interdisciplinary research? How do we find collaborators for interdisciplinary research? We will jointly discuss these questions and possible directions to consider.

Covington Mill Restaurant, 04 Nov 12PM-2PM. Lunch by invitation. All female registrants are invited and male registrants interested in the topic are invited as well. Please contact Prof. Klara Nahrstedt for details.


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