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Workshops to be Held at the ACM Multimedia 2014 Conference

Accepted workshops will take place during the main conference, which is scheduled for November 3-7, 2014 Orlando, Florida.


We offer two different kinds of workshops: regular and data challenge. The SIG Multimedia community expects that the proposed workshops nurture and grow new and emerging research areas.

Regular workshops should offer a forum for discussions of broad range of emerging and specialized topics of interest to the SIG Multimedia community. Workshops with an interdisciplinary character are strongly encouraged.

Data Challenge based workshops are solicited from both academic and corporate organizers. The organizers are supposed to provide a dataset that is exemplary of the complexities of current and future multimodal/multimedia problems, and one or more multimodal/ multimedia tasks whose performance can be objectively measured. Participants in the challenge will evaluate their methods against the challenge data in order to identify areas of strengths and weakness. Best performing participating methods will be presented in the form of papers and oral/poster presentations at the workshop.

Workshop Title Type
4th International Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge and Workshop – AVEC 2014Challenge
Workshop on Computational Personality Recognition 2014Hybrid
Human-Centered Event Understanding from Multimedia (HuEvent14)Regular
ACM International Workshop on Serious GamesRegular
Immersive Media ExperiencesRegular
3rd ACM Intl. Regular & Data Challenge Workshop on Multimedia Analysis for Ecological Data (MAED 2014)Hybrid
3rd International Workshop on Socially-Aware MultimediaRegular
Internet-Scale Multimedia Management (ISMM 2014)Regular
1st International Workshop on Perception Inspired Video ProcessingRegular
Emerging Multimedia Applications and Services for Smart Cities (EMASC-2014)Regular
3rd Workshop on Geotagging and Its ApplicationsHybrid
International ACM Workshop On Crowdsourcing For MultimediaHybrid


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