Open Source Software Comp

Tuesday 27 October – Conference Day 1

4 – 6pm Auditorium

Open Source Software Competition

Chairs: Tao Mei (Microsoft Research Asia, China) Marco Bertini (University of Florence, Italy) Xian-Sheng Hua (Alibaba, China)


Theia: A Fast and Scalable Structure-from-Motion Library Chris Sweeney, Tobias Hollerer, Matthew Turk (UC Santa Barbara, USA)

SINGA: A Distributed Deep Learning Platform Beng Chin Ooi, Kian-Lee Tan, Sheng Wang, Wei Wang, Qingchao Cai, Jinyang Gao, Zhaojing Luo, Zhongle Xie, Kaiping Zheng (National University of Singapore) Gang Chen (Zhejiang University, China) Yuan Wang (NetEase, Singapore)

MatConvNet Andrea Vedaldi, Karel Lenc (University of Oxford, UK)

The fertilized forests Decision Forest library Christoph Lassner (University of Augsburg, Germany)

Amalia.js: an open-source metadata driven HTML5 multimedia player Nicolas Hervé, Pierre Letessier, Mathieu Derval, Hakim Nabi (INA, France)

SIVA Suite: Framework for Hypervideo Creation, Playback and Management Britta Meixner, Stefan John, Christian Handschigl (University of Passau, Germany)

Aurio: Audio Processing, Analysis and Retrieval Mario Guggenberger (University of Klagenfurt, Austria)

eRS – A system to facilitate emotion recognition in movies Joël Dumoulin, Diana Affi, Elena Mugellini, Omar Abou Khaled (HumanTech Institute (HES-SO), Switzerland)

WATSS: a Web Annotation Tool for Surveillance Scenarios Federico Bartoli, Lorenzo Seidenari, Giuseppe Lisanti, Svebor Karaman, Alberto del Bimbo (University of Florence, Italy)