Paper submission

Submission guidelines

The submission guidelines differ for each call and is provided on the respective page of the call.

Submission link

The following links redirect to the CMT online paper submission system for ACM Multimedia 2016:

ArXiv policy

Similar to other prestigious conferences we adhere to the following policy regarding arXiv papers:

Our policy is based upon the following particular definition of “publication”. A publication is defined to be a written work that was submitted for review by peers for either acceptance or rejection, and, after review, was accepted. In particular, this definition of publication does not depend upon whether such an accepted written work appears in a formal proceedings or whether the organizers declare that such work “counts as a publication”.

Note that such a definition does not consider an paper as a publication because it cannot be rejected. It also excludes university technical reports which are typically not peer reviewed. However, this definition of publication does include peer-reviewed workshop papers, even if they do not appear in a proceedings. Given this definition, any submission to ACM Multimedia should not have substantial overlap with prior publications or other concurrent submissions.

So note: a Technical Report (departmental,, etc.) that is put up without any form of direct peer-review is NOT considered a publication and is therefore allowed, but should NOT be cited. Likewise, mention of the work under review in a presentation is NOT considered a violation.