Thematic Workshops


As a new addition, this year the ACM Multimedia conference is introducing Thematic Workshops. Inspired by the NIPS model, Thematic Workshops allow papers that could not be accommodated in the main conference to be presented to the research community. This year there will be four Thematic Workshops (organizers are shown in brackets):

  • Experience [Wanmin Wu]
  • Systems and Applications [Roger Zimmermann, He Ma]
  • Engagement [Jianchao Yang]
  • Understanding [Qi Tian]
Selection Process

If the authors of a paper indicated during the submission process that (a) they would like their manuscript to be considered for ‘Fast-track inclusion to MM'17 workshops’ and (b) the paper received a sufficiently high score from the reviewers during the review process then the paper was recommended by the Program Chairs for inclusion in the Thematic Workshops. Papers that were submitted under the Novel Topics or the COI theme were assigned to one of the four Thematic Workshops, based on the best fit of the paper focus.

Format of Workshops – Time/Date

The four Thematic Workshops will be held as poster sessions during the conference period. Further details on the exact times and dates will be announced in the near future. There will be no oral presentations. However, there will be a “pitch session” where all authors will be able to pitch their work with a short introduction in order to entice the attendees to visit their poster.

“Pitch” Session/Instructions

All authors are required to submit a short summary “pitch” (length TBD after workshop decision deadline) self-running Powerpoint presentation that introduces their work and encourages attendees to visit the authors’ poster. More details on how to prepare a pitch Powerpoint will follow soon.

The submission deadline for pitch Powerpoint slides is: September 1, 2017

Proceedings/Paper Format

Papers of the Thematic Workshops will appear in Thematic Workshop proceedings and in the ACM Digital Library. The paper format is 6 to 8 pages, plus at most 1 additional page for the references; i.e., the reference page is not counted to the page limit of 6 to 8 pages. Camera-ready submission information will be published here: (If thematic workshops are not listed yet, then please check back soon).

The camera-ready deadline is: August  11, 2017

Contact Information

For questions please email: