Call for Workshop Proposal

We invite proposals for Workshops to be held at the ACM Multimedia 2017 Conference. Accepted workshops will take place during the main conference, which is scheduled for 23-27 October, 2017 at Mountain View, California, USA.

We solicit proposals for two different kinds of workshops: regular workshops and data challenge workshops. The SIG Multimedia community expects that the proposed workshops nurture and grow new and emerging research areas.

Workshop proposals should not exceed five single spaced pages and should be submitted at



Multimedia data types by their very nature are complex and often involve intertwined instances of different kinds of information. We can leverage this multi-modal perspective in order to extract meaning and understanding of the world, often with surprising results. Specific topics include but are not limited to:

  • Deep Learning for Multimedia
  • Multimodal Analysis and Description
  • Multimedia and Vision
Qi Tian

Chair: Qi Tian

University of Texas at San Antonio
Wanmin Wu

Chair: Wanmin Wu



One of the core tenants of our research community is that multimedia data contributes to the user experience in a rich and meaningful manner. The topics organized under this theme are concerned with innovative uses of multimedia to enhance the user experience, how this experience is manifested in specific domains, and metrics for qualitatively and quantitatively measuring that experience in useful and meaningful ways. Examples of topic areas include but are not limited to:

  • Multimedia HCI and Quality of Experience
  • Music, Speech and Audio Processing in Multimedia
  • Multimedia Art, Entertainment and Culture
  • Multimedia for Collaboration in Education & Distributed Environments
  • Multimedia Experience in Novel Applications


Research in multimedia systems is generally concerned with understanding fundamental tradeoffs between competing resource requirements, developing practical techniques and heuristics for realizing complex optimization and allocation strategies, and demonstrating innovative mechanisms and frameworks for building large-scale multimedia applications. Examples of topic areas include but are not limited to:

  • Multimedia Transport and Delivery
  • Multimedia Systems and Middleware
  • Multimedia Telepresence and Virtual/Augmented Reality Systems
  • Multimedia Scalability and Management
  • Mobile Multimedia
Roger Zimmermann

Chair: Roger Zimmermann

National University of Singapore
Jianchao Yang

Chair: Jianchao Yang

Snap Inc.


The engagement of multimedia with society as whole requires research that addresses how multimedia can be used to connect people with multimedia artifacts that meet their needs in a variety of contexts. The topic areas include but are not limited to:

  • Social Multimedia
  • Emotional and Social Signals In Multimedia
  • Multimedia Search and Recommendation
  • Multimedia Art, Entertainment, and Culture
  • Multimedia Technology for Autonomous Vehicles