Presentation Instructions

  • Each oral paper, including the best paper candidates, and Brave New Idea (BNI) papers, will be presented in an oral session. Each presentation will be allotted 15 minutes (including 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A). BNI papers will be allotted 12 minutes (10 min for presentation and 2 min for Q&A)
  • We expect full paper authors to also present their work using posters in the poster session to foster further interactive discussions, in addition to the oral presentations. Please see the instructions for poster presentations below.
  • For oral presentations, all oral session rooms are equipped with Standard Technical Support. Presenters are requested to bring their own laptop/device for the presentation. We strongly recommend presenters to check the compatibility of their laptop and the projector before the session starts. Feel free to bring your own adapters or laser pointers/slide changers.
  • The presentation format of the data projectors is 16:9.
  • In the breaks before your presentation, go to the scheduled room to meet the Session Chair and the Room Volunteer who will help you set up for your presentation. Contact your session chair in advance to share your slides or to fix your time for testing before presentation.
  • If special equipment is required, please contact the Local Organization Chairs (email: ) in advance.
  • Free wireless internet connection is available at the venue.



Standard Technical Support

  • The dimensions of the poster boards are 1.2m (W) x 2.0m (H). So any poster size (portrait mode) smaller than the board is OK. Adhesive material and/or pins will be provided for mounting the posters to the boards.

Posters Information:

  • Each poster paper will be presented in a Fast-Forward (FF) Session. Each FF presentation will be allotted 1.5 minutes.
  • The presentation format of the data projectors is 16:9.
  • For poster presentations, you should be at your poster board during your assigned time (90 minutes). During this time, attendees may visit and ask questions about your abstract.
  • Your poster may be any size – as long as it’s not larger than the poster board size described in Standard Technical Support.
  • Poster boards will be arranged in the Crystal Ballroom Lobby and you will be provided with location numbers based on your session (information will be available later with your session time and set-up time).



Standard Technical Support

  • A table (width 153cm) for your laptop
  • Shared power supply
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • A poster of size less than 60cm x 90 cm can be set up on the wall behind the table. A foamboard and the adhesive will be provided.