Best Paper Award

Beyond Narrative Description: Generating Poetry from Images by Multi-Adversarial Training Bei Liu (Kyoto University), Jianlong Fu (Microsoft Research Asia), Makoto P. Kato (Kyoto University), Masatoshi Yoshikawa (Kyoto University)


Best Student Paper Award

Understanding Humans in Crowded Scenes: Deep Nested Adversarial Learning and A New Benchmark for Multi-Human Parsing Jian Zhao (National University of Singapore and National University of Defense Technology), Jianshu Li (National University of Singapore), Yu Cheng (National University of Singapore), Terence Sim (National University of Singapore), Shuicheng Yan (National University of Singapore and Qihoo 360 AI Institute), Jiashi Feng (National University of Singapore)


Best Open Source Software

1. VIVID: Virtual Environment for Visual Deep Learning Kuan-Ting Lai (National Taipei University of Technology), Chia-Chih Lin (National Taiwan University), Chun-Yao Kang (National Taiwan University), Mei-Enn Liao (National Taiwan University), Ming-Syan Chen (National Taiwan University)

2. A General-Purpose Distributed Programming System using Data-Parallel Streams Tsung-Wei Huang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Chun-Xun Lin (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Guannan Guo (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Martin D. F. Wong (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)


Best Demo

1. AniDance: Real-Time Dance Motion Synthesize to the Song Taoran Tang (Tsinghua University), Hanyang Mao (Tsinghua University), Jia Jia (Tsinghua University)

2. Meet AR-bot: Meeting Anywhere, Anytime with Movable Spatial AR Robot Yoon Jung Park (Media System Lab at Yonsei University), Yoonsik Yang (Media System Lab at Yonsei University), Hyocheol Ro (Media System Lab at Yonsei University), JungHyun Byun (Media System Lab at Yonsei University), Seougho Chae (Media System Lab at Yonsei University), Tack Don Han (Media System Lab at Yonsei University)


Nicolas D. Georganas Best Paper Award

Learning from Collective Intelligence: Feature Learning Using Social Images and Tags (TOMM vol.13, Issue 1) Hanwang Zhang, Xindi Shang, Huanbo Luan, Meng Wang, Tat-Seng Chua


Associate Editor of the Year Award

Tao Mei, Shervin Shirmohammadi