Author Registration Policy

All author registrations should be received by the relevant camera-ready submission deadline in order to have the papers included in the proceedings. Only papers covered by a registration will be included in the conference proceedings.

  1. Full papers, including Brave New Idea papers:
    • Must be covered by at least one FULL registration – NOT student registration.
    • Students who want to register a FULL paper MUST register at the FULL registration fee
  2. One x Non-full paper including: Demo, workshop paper, Doctoral Symposium, Grand Challenge presentation, Open Source competition, Video Program paper, or Art work.
    • May be covered by FULL or STUDENT registration.
  3. Two x Non-full papers including: Demo, workshop paper, Doctoral Symposium, Grand Challenge presentation, Open Source competition, Video Program paper, or Art work.
    • Must be covered by a FULL registration – NOT student registration.
  4. One workshop paper can be covered by one workshop registration.
  5. There is a limit to the maximum number of papers that can be covered by each registration:
    • Each main conference FULL registration can cover ONE main conference FULL paper, or,
    • Each main conference FULL registration can cover a maximum of two NON-FULL papers.


Registration Fee

The registration fee does not include meals.
To reduce food waste, we request that you purchase meal ticket for Opening Reception/Banquet/Daily lunches separately to help cover a small portion of the food cost.

All Technical Programs Early
(before Sep.16, 2018)
(before Oct. 21, 2018)
Meal Tickets
ACM/SIG Member $780 $1,000 $5 Lunch per day,
$10 Reception,
$15 Banquet 
Non-Member $880 $1,100 $5 Lunch per day, 
$10 Reception, 
$15 Banquet 
Student $400 $500 $5 Lunch per day, 
$40 Reception, 
$55 Banquet 
Workshop/Tutorials Early 
(before Sep.16, 2018)
(before Oct. 21, 2018)
Meal Tickets
ACM/SIG Member $470 $570 $5 Lunch per day
Non-Member $570 $670 $5 Lunch per day

– Full and Student registration includes admission to all technical programs, including workshops and tutorials.
– Workshop/Tutorials only includes admission to workshops and tutorials.


Purchase of Meal Tickets

Meals (Opening Reception/Banquet/Daily Lunches) are available for purchase at different prices based on registration types:

Full registrations are eligible to purchase ONE reception ticket and/or ONE banquet ticket at discounted price.

All registrations are eligible to purchase ONE or MORE tickets of reception and/or banquet regular prices.

– All registrations are eligible to purchase ONE lunch ticket per day. Lunch ticket is dated and can be used if your registration covers that date.

You can log into your registration and purchase meal tickets at any time before Oct. 14, 2018.

Please select and purchase meal ticket(s) according to your registration type. Ineligible purchases cannot be used and will not be refunded. Purchased tickets will not be refunded, either.


Registration Cancellation

Cancellation and refund requests received on or before September 16th 2018 will be refunded at 50% of the registration fee. However, please note that author registration will not be refunded. Substituitions are not permitted. After September 16th, 2018, no refunds will be made. 



The organizers of ACM MM 2018 cannot accept any liability for personal accidents, loss or damage of private property of participants, nor of damages caused by them to others or others’ properties during the conference and its accompanying events. Registration does not include any form of insurance. Conference participants are therefore responsible for making their own insurance arrangements.



A confirmation email with invoice would be sent to your email account after you finish a registration. An all-inclusive attendance receipt will be available at the conference too.


Policy Against Harassment at ACM Activities

– Please refer to

– How to Report Unacceptable Behavior:


Registration online:

For questions about the registration system, please send an email to